Where To Find The Best Beaches In California.

From San Diego to San Francisco, literally hundrerds of south-facing beaches drape along the California coastline, giving surfers a number of breaks to choose from. The southern part of the state is well-known for hosting a variety of annual surf competitions, including Hermosa, Manhattan, and Redondo, while The Wedge in Newport Beach provides body-surfers with more than they can handle. La Jolla and Oceanside also rank high on the list of prime surf spots in more »

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The Best Surf Pro Shops In The US Market.

Surfers, athletes and others who enjoy the recreational opportunities found on the best beaches may do well to consider what new locations can be found should they choose to travel. Planning your next trip, expedition or outing around the locations that offer surfers ideal conditions and the chance to enjoy greater challenges can be a very rewarding undertaking. Conducting a little research to learn more about such locations, shops and other resources that will ensure you are able to plan a more satisfying and enjoyable road trip, holiday or surfing vacation can be an effective way to improve more »

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How To Find The Best Surfing Destinations Around The World.

Whether you are looking for powerful waves, rocky cliff faces or little-known breaks, you will find them all on this list of the world’s best surfing spots.

1. The Pipeline in Oahu, Hawaii

You will find the world’s best waves on this island. The flawless water tube is not appropriate for beginners, but experts will enjoy riding the perfect crest that scales over six meters.

2. Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

This Bay offers intense point breaks, long fast barrels and rides over 300 meters long.

3. Kuta and Uluwatu, Bali

Both of these bays offer challenges for even the most gnarly surfers more »

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Best Websites to Find Surfing Spots

One of the world’s best surfing spots is definitely Hawaii. There is a reason that Hawaii is known throughout the world as the birthplace of surfing. This is the place to catch some of the best waves in the world. Whether you’re looking for the perfect beach, the gnarliest pipeline or the biggest bowl, Hawaii will accommodate you. You’ll find just the right surf for beginners or the most demanding waves for the expert and everything in between.

The most challenging spot to surf in the entire state of Hawaii is Jaws on the island of Maui. Some of the waves here reach heights of over 100 feet. The Pe’ahi (Hawaiian for Jaws) beach became accessible to surfers with the introduction of tow-in surfing. The waves here are so fast that a surfer can’t paddle into them. In the 1990′s Laird Hamilton and others first used smaller boards with foot straps. These boards were pulled into the waves by rubber rafts with outboard motors. When they started using wave runners and jet skis to pull the surfers into the big waves, surfers around the world followed suit and waves that were once off limits could now be surfed.

Recently surfers have competed to see who could catch the biggest wave in the world. Jaws has held the record numerous times, and continues to be one of the most popular surf spots anywhere.

Devin Hartwick is a writer for SouthCarolinaInternetProviders.com. In his spare time he surfs on the South Carolina coast.

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Do Surfers Prefer Small Or Large Beaches To Surf ?

True surfers are not looking as much at the beach, they are looking at the best waves. One of the best places to surf in the world are the beaches on Oahu, one of the Hawaiian islands. Bonzai Beach is located on the North Shore of Oahu. It is most famous for the Pipeline, which is just west of Bonzai. Surfers come from all over the world to Hawaii during the winter months in hopes of catching the perfect wave. Tourists also come in hopes of watching the top surfers catch that perfect more »

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South American Vs North American Surfing Destinations.

Whenever surfing in an area which is completely new, surfers should always seek for a travel guide in the area. Whether is it s friend, a friend of a friend, or even a professional travel guide who knows the area very well and has experience in surfing.

South American destinations are quite different from the North American destinations in many important ways. A surfer should always know the region they are going to surf in. Therefore, if switching locations, surfers should always do some research on the region before they start surfing there.

For example, for a surfer who is used to South American Beaches, it might be very difficult to endure the colder temperatures that are common of North American beaches. Each destination will be different of course, that is why it is important to know details such as wind patterns and temperature of the region.

The same way a North American destination could seem a large contrast to a surfer used to surfing in a South American beach, when it is the other way around, changes in temperature and information about the sea creatures in the region should be taken into account for the safety of the surfer.

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Best Surfing Spots in the World

No doubt you’ve been on Hughes Net and all over the place trying to find the best places where you can really hang ten. Luckily we’ve got a short list of some of the best surf spots in the world.

Gold Coast, Australia
With a 70km beach and four incredible point breaks it’s no wonder the Gold Coast is called the surfers’ paradise.

Mentawai Islands, Indonesia
The arrangement of the islands makes it perfect for waves facing in all directions making for some incredible breaks.

Jeffreys Bay, South Africa
A great place for anyone looking to get in on the action with the annual Billabong Pro WCT surfing event.

Fuerteventura, Spain
Considered the Mecca of surfers, conditions are ideal no matter the time of year.

El Salvador
Experienced surfers can ride 10ft swells during the main swell season from March to October.

Costa Rica
What Costa Rica might lack in decent roads it more than makes up for with incredible waves.

California, North America
The go-to place for surfers all over America, you can expect chilly waters and large crowds.

Bali, Indonesia
From April to November you can ride large and consistent waves ranging up to 12 feet in height.

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The Best Time To Catch A High Tide.

Before surfing, one should plan accordingly to the movement of ocean water. Currents control water movement horizontally, while tides vertically govern water movement. Two low and high tides occur daily, it’s never safe to surf during this time. In the afternoon, or early during the early morning is the best times to surface. In addition to this, surfers must carefully choose the right beach location. The early morning may offer calm low tides, but may vanish in the late afternoon, depending on the location. The moons gravitational pull triggers oceans to levitate and bulge towards more »

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Is Australia Really A Surfing Mecca For The Pros?

Many fans of sports have been heading to Australia for various events for decades. While this remote country seems to be off in the middle of nowhere, with claims of being dangerous to travel alone and expensive to visit, these claims could not be further from the truth. In reality, since many things are imported to Australia, products for sale there can be a little on the expensive side, although not as much as many people claim. The sports community is also thriving there and it is becoming more and more »

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Where Do The Professionals Shop For Surfing Gear?

Well seasoned surfers want and look for only the best surfing gear available. Professional surfing gear and equipment will last for years if one is willing to pay a little bit extra. Surfing communities found around the world have walk in shops that the surfer can purchase professional surfing gear. Professional surfing gear can also be purchased on line through many well known and trusted companies.

The surfer should purchase gear that carries a quality name. Many internet sites will carry premium gear at cheaper rates then those found in a shop. The only drawback is that when one does decide to purchase their gear in person they are able to check out the gear first. Professional surfing gear is available for the man, woman or child. If one is just becoming acquainted with surfing then they may want to look into the rental of surfing gear, until they are surer of what they want to buy and what their budget will allow. Renting gear for first timers is recommended.

Name brand surf shops will carry boards that the surfer is in need of, including all kinds of swimwear, water shoes or sandals, all kinds of bags and backpacks, proper surfer suits and accessories, beach gear, scuba gear, swim parkas, timing and electronic gear. The list is endless and can cover beach accessories, pool accessories, and toys for the children, life vests, nutrition items that will help increase power and stamina on the water or during workouts, educational videos and books, deck equipment for the home and much more. The surfer will benefit greatly to explore pricing and sales for the best possible value for the highest quality they can get.

Surfers need to explore the best surfing locations in order to get the best experience from their surfing holiday.

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